Art Show Hot Fruit Pop-Up Shop

Please join us for the opening of
Friday, June 16th, 2017
6pm - 9pm
NowShop and Moon Tribe Vintage are pleased to present Hot Fruit, an installation of one-of-a-kind found and artist-made objects and apparel exploring the boundaries of fine art and functionality and the intersection of art and commodity.
The exhibition, including work by over 30 artists and makers, blends retail display and conventional gallery esthetic into a continuously evolving installation, which changes as works are purchased and new pieces are introduced. 

On view
June 16th - July 16th
3207 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Gallery Hours: Friday-Sunday 11am-6pm and by appointment
Work by: Erin Althea, Annette Aryanpour, Emma Bagley, Sebastian Boher, Lauren C Bradley, Debra Broz, Corey Lynn Calter, Nicole Collins, Aron Dubois, John Emison, Aaron Farley, Jamie Felton, F S Press, Fulcrum Press, Daniel Gibson, Paul Hunter, Astrelle Johnquest, Gilbert Johnquest, Emma Kohlmann, Thomas Linder, Emily Marchand, Dan Monick, Spencer Moody, Moontribe Vintage, Béla Nektar, Nomad Styles, John Parot, Priscilla Petralie, Backbeat Rags, Daniel Schubert, Molly Jo Shea, Lauren Steinberg, Saint Vagabond, Sistr Botanic Rituals, Lena Wolek
Preview of included works will be available @_hotfruit_

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