3rd Annual Sunday Holiday Bazaar Series + Book Release Celebration w/ Visiting Artist, Eliza Fernand -- Sunday, November 5th

Sunday, November 5th 
Holiday Bazaar Series | Shop open: 12 - 5pm
Eliza Fernand Book Release Celebration: 3 - 5pm


Please join us for the beginning of our 3rd annual holiday bazaar series, where we feature a different artist-hosted happening each Sunday through December 17th!  We're thrilled to have for this year's inaugural Sunday Bazaar, visiting artist and former NowSpace artist in residence, Eliza Fernand.  Eliza will be hosting a book release celebration for her impressive catalogue, The Land of Here and Now, which she created with creative collaborator, Mary Welcome.  The catalogue features work by 25 resident artists from her Pentwater, Michigan artist residency, Shared Space Studio and will be available to purchase at NowShop for $10 off the listing price.  Read more about Eliza, Mary, and this awesome project below.  

Mary Welcome is a citizen artist with an emphasis on cultural empowerment in rural and under-recognized communities. She believes in small towns, long winters, optimists, parades, and talking about feelings. Her life-long collaborators include Cabin-TimeCamp Little HopeM12 StudioArt of the RuralCommon Field, and the United States Postal Service.

Eliza Fernand lives and works as an artist, a teacher, and an activist. In and out of the gallery, her large-scale fabric installations act as pedagogical tools that aim to spur conversation about history, women, art, disparity, consent, and our present-moment struggles. After studying sculpture, video, and performance in Portland, OR, Fernand has led a cross-country career, attending over a dozen artist residencies and directing her own field study of American quilt-making traditions. Fernand founded and directed the artist residency Shared Space Studio in Pentwater, MI, and acted as residency facilitator and podcast producer for the Have Company artist residency in Grand Rapids, MI. Her future plans include producing a local public access TV show and connecting elementary school students to critical thinking and contemporary art through extra-curricular programming.

Eliza and Mary first crossed paths at Elsewhere Collaborative in Greensboro, NC in the summer of 2009, where they both had been resident artists. A brief reunion with mutual friends at the Open Engagement conference in Portland, OR in 2010 turned into an invitation for Eliza to travel to Palouse, WA on the first stop of her Quilt Stories tour, to be hosted by Mary at The Upper Bunk residency. Thereafter bound for a future together, Mary spent five weeks of the summer of 2012 in residence at Shared Space Studio, and returned again to become Eliza's co-facilitator for the summer seasons of 2014 and 2015.
As projects evolve and landscapes change, Eliza and Mary decided that the residency program at Shared Space would end with a large exhibition titled The Land of Here and Now, with work by 25 of the past resident artists in 2016. The exhibition celebrated the artists and the connections they have made, and activated the gallery space with performances and talks for the run of the show.
The project now lives on in a catalog by the same name that adapted Eliza's weekly blog post chronicles into a beautiful full-color book, masterminded by Mary. With future projects unknown, these two kindred spirits find their paths crossing again, this time in L.A. for the Common Field Convening


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